vavole: Answer this with ten random facts about yourself then pass it on to your ten favourite followers!
  1. i love the color purple; my curtains are purple my wardrobe is purple in my other house I painted one wall completely purple; PURPLE \o/
  2. i’m a PC gamer girl;
  3. i have a kitty named momo and i’m just a big cat/animal lover
  4. a gold fish that is almost 7 years old can you believe this
  5. I can never pick a favourite season because I love summer dresses but I also love winter sweaters and cute beanies and-
  6. Disney makes me super happy; in fact beauty and the beast were my first words;
  7. i’m a vegetarian and when people ask me why I always tell them the same story of how I dreamed I was a happy and free cow that got captured and slaughtered and the look on people their faces is mostly priceless
  8. I have spend 6 months of my life on the Canary Island Lanzarote doing work experience as an entertainer in a hotel; (i could talk about that forever I miss it a lot)
  9. I love to cuddle and hug people but the people that I have around me don’t so i’m very deprived. (i need to find a friend who will cuddle with me)
  10. I love swimming a lot; I love water slides and the thrill of it; I love the calm of being underwater; just; water ♥ thank you for this lovely!!!
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